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  • Are you looking for a hotel for your business trip?

Welcome to Hoteles en Línea, a platform in which you can accumulate up to 25,000 Premier Points per stay at more than 400,000 hotels around the world.

Pay your hotel reservations online with the American Express® Corporate Card Aeromexico and accumulate more Premier Points.

Follow the following steps to make your reservation:

  • Enter

    Enter here with your Club Premier Account and the associated password.

    (You have to be a Business Representative or Authorized Contact of the Corporate Account.)

  • Log in

    Select the option "I am a company" and enter the Corporate Account number of the Company and click on "Login"

  • Find your hotel

    Go to "Redeem your Points" section and enter the search details to select your hotel

  • Select your rate

    The total amounts of Premier Points and taxes will be shown before concluding with your reservation

  • Confirm your reservation

    Enter your reservation details and confirm your reservation for your next business trip

Terms and Conditions

You affirm to recognize and accept the following “Terms and Conditions of Hoteles en Línea Club Premier.”

Signing up for the Club Premier Corporate program can only be completed through the webpage, henceforth referred to as “”

To acquire Premier Points in the Hoteles en Línea Club Premier, from “the Page”, the company Representative or Authorized Contact should:

Go to

Log in and enter the Club Premier Corporate Account number.

Search for hotels by destination, check-in and check-out date, number of guests and of rooms.

Select “Pay Cash and Earn Points”

Select a hotel and the room type.

Enter information about the guest: First name and last name, card number for payment (if needed in cash + Points), security code, expiration date, and postal code.

The member will receive an emailed confirmation for their reservation.


The validity of this hotel platform Hoteles en Línea for the accumulation of Premier Points will begin operations as of October 10th, 2017.


Only Visa®, American Express® and Mastercard® can be used for transactions in Mexican Pesos. Other currencies are accepted using Discover®.

You must be 18 years old to participate

A member cannot reserve more than 3 rooms in the same transaction.

Those with Club Premier accounts that have been suspended or cancelled may not participate.

Changes and Cancellations

In order to make changes or cancel a reservation made in Hoteles en Linea Club Premier, Member should use their confirmation email and proceed to the link for changes and cancellations or ask for support calling +52 (55) 8526 4356 from Mexico or (800) 764 8004, a toll-free number in the United States.

There are refundable and non-refundable rooms. The cancellation and change policy varies from hotel to hotel and is defined for each of them. In all cases in which the room is non-refundable, it will be clearly indicated on the payment page. The cancellation policy will always appear on the confirmation page and on the confirmation email.

Upon effecting a cancellation on a refundable reservation, said refund will be processed by Rocketmiles immediately and Member will see it reflected on his/her account in a period of two (2) to three (3) days after the cancellation for Points and two (2) to four (4) weeks for Bank to process refund.


If the supporting fiscal proof of the reservation is required, request it at Hoteles En Linea Club Premier during booking process. In order to receive your supporting document, you will need to enter all of your invoicing information before effecting payment. The invoice will be generated by Rocketmiles, who provides the reservation service. Your supporting fiscal proof will be available the same day as the payment in the email account provided to receive said document.


Club Premier reserves the right to perform pertinent actions for the purpose of detecting fraud, fraudulent behavior or malicious practices on behalf of Members on their Club Premier Accounts.


Fraud committed by a third party on the account of the Member.

Dispute of charge due to cloned or stolen Credit Card; the card will be cancelled.

In the case of chargeback, the registered card will be cancelled from the system.

PLM Premier, S.A.P.I. de C.V. reserves the right to temporarily suspend or definitively drop any Club Premier Member from the Program, for noncompliance of the Terms and Conditions of Club Premier as well as for contravening its interests, requiring only written notification from Club Premier with 24 notice of that action. The temporary suspension will consequently result in the deactivation of the Club Premier account during the time frame of the suspension, during which Club Premier will not allow: accumulation of Points to the account, redeeming or cashing in credited Points and the suspension of all benefits associated with Club Premier membership. The permanent dismissal will consequently result the definitive cancellation of the Club Premier account, of all credited Points on the account and all benefits of Club Premier membership.

Communication to Members

Member will receive by email all of the following confirmations:

Confirmation of his/her reservation on Hoteles En Linea Club Premier.

Information about your stay close to the check-in date.

In the event of any error in crediting miles, the Member will receive an email to confirm the details of the account.

Reservation cancellation if applicable.

General Terms and Conditions

Hoteles en línea Club Premier will be subject to the same rules of the Club Premier Program that are available on “the Page.”

Club Premier reserves the right to change Plans, the amount, such as Benefits, at any time, without prior notice.

No reservation on Hoteles en línea Club Premier will be eligible for Aeroméxico higher status (Gold, Platinum, Titanium).

The reservation on Hoteles en línea Club Premier does not purport to guarantee availability of any reward of the Club Premier Program and Club Premier is not responsible for the Member being unable to use, redeem or cash in the Premier Points accumulated for the reservation made on Hoteles En Linea Club Premier.

In the event that any reservation on Hoteles En Linea Club Premier is used by any member for inappropriate ends or obtained in an unjust manner with a Bank Card, fraud or other illegal means, Club Premier will, at its discretion, cancel or deny delivery of services and/or confiscate said services, as well as pursuing all rights and recourse that might be available.

The member agrees to cooperate with all reasonable requests by Club Premier aimed at the investigation or filing of a lawsuit against anyone implicated or suspected in the unjust action or use or fraud with respect to the Hoteles en Linea Club Premier reservation such as fraudulent conduct, malicious practices on behalf of the Member on the Club Premier Accounts.

Prices of reservations on Hoteles en línea Club Premier are in U.S. dollars, official legal tender in the United States of America and are subject to exchange rates published in the Diario Oficial de la Federación the day the reservations is made.

The Member accepts that the reward and the usage of the Premier Points are subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations of the Club Premier Program.

The validity of the Premier Points credited will be governed by the Validity Policy currently in force, such as the rules of the Club Premier Program.

The Premier Points conferred in the Club Premier program do not have cash value, but represent credit in the Club Premier program. Said points are not equivalent to, nor can they be converted into cash.

Personal Data

All handling of personal data performed by Club Premier, such as the exercise of ARCO Rights on behalf of Members, will be effected in accordance with the law and regulations applicable in the United States of Mexico, subject to the established law “El Aviso de Privacidad de Club Premier,” which you accepted prior to your registration into Club Premier (to consult the “Aviso de Privacidad” please log into


The above Terms and Conditions, relating to their interpretation or compliance, will be governed by the Law and jurisdiction of the applicable courts of Mexico City, D.F. renouncing henceforth all other jurisdiction or legal code by reason of area or residence, present of future, that may correspond.

For any question or clarification in respect of these terms and conditions, please contact us via email at [email protected]

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Pay your Hoteles en Línea reservations with the American Express® Corporate Card Aeroméxico and accumulate more Premier Points.

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