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  • A leader in the air transportation industry

Boasting hubs in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Hermosillo, Mexico’s flagship airline flies to major cities within Mexico and in North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

  • Earn Premier Points for your business trips

Earning Premier Points is very simple. The company earns an additional Premier Points by the amount spent:

Flights in Mexico - 4 Premier Points

Points calculated on the amount of USD spent.

International Flights - 6 Premier Points

Points calculated on the amount of USD spent.

  • Earning Premier Points is now simpler

 Enter your Corporate account number when booking flights on

  • 1
    Choose your itinerary

     Go to and select your flight dates.

  • 2
    Enter your personal Club Premier account number

     In the “Additional details” section, select “Aeroméxico Club Premier” as the frequent flyer program and enter your 9-digit personal Club Premier account number.

  • 3
    Enter your Club Premier Corporate account number

     Select “Aeroméxico Club Premier Corporate” as the corporate traveler program and enter your 9-digit Account number in the “Corporate Number" field.

  • 4
    Accrual Code

     If you did not enter your company’s Club Premier Corporate account number while booking, send an e-mail to [email protected] for the number to be entered before the flight.

Complementary information

For business trips to be recorded in the Corporate Account automatically, your company’s Accrual Code must be entered before the flight: OSI YY FQTC Account-

Ask your travel agency or ticketing office to enter the aforementioned Code before booking.

Please note there is not retro-active accrual in this Program. It is thus mandatory to enter your Coroporate account number while booking.

Minimum accruals of 500 Premier Points per distance flown with Aeromexico or the corresponding Premier Mileage based on the accrual chart.

There is no retroactive accumulation in the Corporate Program Program. The validity period of the Points is 24 months after the accumulation.

The following cases are not eligible to accumulate Premier Points in the Club Premier Corporate Account:

-Flights taken by people that are not employees of the company.

-Flights taken by children.

-Flights without the AM code.

-Flights taken by employees before the company's registration in the Program.

-If the Accumulation Code was not captured in the reservation or was entered incorrectly.

-Tickets at discounted fares, promotional, group, charter, with net rates or no-fare.

-When the flight does not take place.

-When mileage is accrued in another similar program.